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Biodanza - a songline home

Author: Linda Rennison

“The cosmos is within us. We are made of star stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself” Carl Sagan We are already home. We are dancers poised / primed to express the desires of the cosmos. Relationship to my place in this cosmos has meant holding many bold questions to the light, not as a quest for answers so much as being present with the Experience of life as a learner and seeker. When this Paper started appearing in dreaming, made visible through words, ink and print, it has asked much of me - steering me to bring together, one idea or thing. I want fluidity from the captivity of ‘one idea/one thing’. I extend a bold invitation dear reader, to take flight like a Bird, covering a vast terrain, from places - some familiar many not, settling here and there. There will be moments we won’t fly together, I may lose you along the way - I simply hope to pique your interest and perhaps a word here or there will resonate with your place in the cosmos. My practise of the Biodanza system has been a meaningful passage to my Becoming - the ‘rites of passage’ or milestones are not clearly marked…rather, appear to me as a continuum and significant never the less. Rolando Toro proposes an organic dance, that responds to patterns of movement that generate life. To propose a new vision of the world (Biocentric principle/ Biodanza) is to propose new LANGUAGING # with the potential to give rise to this new world.

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