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Biodanza as Mirrored in the sciences: Research concerning the psychological, physiological and immunological effects of Biodanza.

Stueck, M.; Villegas, A.; Schroeder, H.; Sack, U.; Terren R.; Toro V.; Toro R.

Biodanza, a form of intervention intended to further health and well-being, originated in South American by Rolando Toro and encourages self-expression and self-management through music, dance and interaction. Since 1998, we have been investigating the influence of a 10-session Biodanza program on 150 subjects on various psychological (regulation of emotion, Health, Personal psychology) physiological (skin response, blood pressure) endocrinological (e.g. adrenalin, noradrenalin, cortisol) and immunological (e.g. Immunglobulin A, NK-cells, T-cells) variables. Initial results from the experimental-control-group study in Argentina and Germany reveal significant changes in psychological health and personality variables after 3 Months (Post 1). After a further 3 months without Biodanza, the effect could be seen to have stabilized. It could be shown that regular, long-term participation in Biodanza had positive effects on subjects’ experience and behavior. Concerning the immunological variables, the subjects showed a significant increase in Immungloblin A (IgA) after 6 of 10 sessions compared to the IgA-Level before the session. A increase of the Pre-IgA-level (measured before the sessiones) between the 1st and 8th-10th session was documented. This effects of the sessions went along with significant psychological improvements during each session (improvement of relaxation, activity, mood) compared to the control group (Aerobic). It could be shown that regular, long-term participation in Biodanza had positive effects on the experience, behaviour and biological regulation parameters of the subjects.

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