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Biodanza en leiderschap

Author: Laura Breugelmans

Before I take you on a voyage of discovery into the scientific and spiritual world of leadership theories, I would like to thank each and every person who has walked the path of life with me and to all those who are yet to do so. You give me awareness of the living talents and the vulnerable pitfalls that lie within me. Through you I have become wiser. Remember that you are sources of inspiration for the future of this world and that each of you each of you is the leader of your own personal lives. I am now in my twenty-third year and I am proud to present my monograph as a facilitator in Biodanza. Biodanza has inspired me, made me passionate and brought me to life. The has brought about a hermeneutic turn in my life. Today, anno 2022, I am a master student in midwifery at KU Leuven. A dream that has come true: the university. This monograph is a fusion of biodanza and my personal dream. With it I want to share the power of the guidance of my parents, Alejandro Balbi Toro, friends, loved ones, professors and many others and to inspire you on your path. The core of this monograph is a tribute, so to speak, to the system of Biodanza. It explains how this ingenious system inspires the potential in everyone. Just as Rolando Toro Araneda teaches you to express the depth that rises express the depth that rises when you look at your soul with a magnifying glass, I challenge you, after reading this to take a different look at your inner potential after reading this monograph. I hope to make you realize that the greatest ideologies that have illuminated Biodanza are nothing more are nothing other than translating into words and deeds. Valor. Rolando has given voice and action to his mission Mission. He has lived the wise testimony of Mahatma Gandhi fully lived through. Be yourself the change you want to see in the world'. Come home to yourself in the 'hermitage' that Buddhist Thich Nhat Hanh describes. There you will find yourself. There you will come face to face with what you are in all terms of being. There you will find your courage and, who knows, begin a revolution. Begin. Enjoy reading and be inspired, Laura Breugelmans 

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