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Author: Hazhira Qudsyi, Nita Trimulyaningsih, Resnia Novitasari, Marcus Stueck
Date: 2018

This study aims to produce nonviolent communication module as part of the School of Empathy module
that can be applied to children in Indonesia along with required instruments. This study was a module
development research with Educational Research and Development design. Participants of this study were
elementary students and aged 9-10 years old. Instrument in this study was nonviolent communication –
School of Empathy Indonesia developed by Stueck. In addition, to see response of participants from module
implementation, we used observation guidelines and interview guidelines compiled by researchers. The
study was conducted in 3 days, with a total of 8 training sessions. This study was carried out in accordance
with stages in module development process. Based on result of the study, there were two important things
to be discussed, namely suitability of the module with the stages of child development based on results of
interview and observation, and assessment of child psychologist, also based on the findings during module
test process took place to participants. Results and limitations of this study are discussed further in this

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