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Effects of a biodanza program in relation to physical and psychological parameters in Primary Education

Author:Juan Ramón Hernández López, Sebastián Fierro-Suero, Eduardo J. Fernández-Ozcorta, Pedro Sáenz-López Buñuel
Date: 2018

Introduction: The aim of the study was to know the physical and psychological effects of a biodanza program in primary school children. Methods: Fifty-three students (boys and girls) from a public school located in the province of Huelva were selected for the sample. The students were divided into two different groups: a quasi-control group and a quasi-experimental one. Questionnaires were applied to all the participants at the beginning and at the end of the course in order to measure the psychological variables (self-esteem, emotional inteligence and life satisfaction). Several physical test was also applied to measure maximum consumption of oxygen and agility. Results: Results show significant improvement in self-esteem (t(53)=4.599; p< .001), emotional inteligence (t(52)=2.160; p= .035) and agility (U=-3.763; p< .001). For maximum consumption of oxygen and life satisfaction variables some improvements have been found, but they are not enough to be considered significant. Conclusions: These results suggest that a biodanza program in school children can be a good tool to improve the physical and psychological variables previously cited.

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