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From Chaos to HarmonyThe Mathematical Magic of Biodanza

Author:Sharon Summer Shapira
Date: 2023

What is the connection between Mathematics and Biodanza? This work suggests looking at mathematics in a different light, one that I feel Rolando perceived.
Personally, I see mathematics in many unexpected places in life - taking a walk on the beach, looking into starry skies and in biodanza.
Writing this monography led me to reread and rethink some of Rolando's theoretical and methodological descriptions.
My method of research is an in depth reflective comparative study based on chosen conceptual cases. I present a proper mathematical definition and a personal observative description of their reflection in biodanza.
Biodanza works with our bodies and our souls but what does this have to do with mathematics? Dancing chaos in a non-linear manner seems the exact opposite of math.
Yet chaos theory is a branch of mathematics which delves in areas that we don’t understand but motivates us to try. People who love math love an unexplainable mess and will spend much time and effort trying to make sense of it.
Biodanza has led me to dance myself from chaos into harmony while releasing familiar rationalizations and aesthetic efforts. With the help of mathematical models, I enjoy understanding in retrospect what the bleep just happened.
Rolando presented us with specific mathematical models that I feel were overlooked and built a system that correlates perfectly with others that I present here.
Mathematic models can help us on the journey of trying to understand the power of biodanza. The noise and chaos around us reach us through sinewaves that enter our bodies and souls through different logarithmic spirals, both physical and metaphorical. These waves of information move toward our inner and outer infinites, empowering our essence and releasing us from unhealthy tendencies. This often leads us away from depression and towards the motivation to live.
Through biodanza we strive to return to our natural movements such as sine wavelike motion. Understanding how we affect our frequency and amplitude in life, presents us with tools to help our growth. The role of our sinuous (inflection) points as a reflection of synchronization with humanity and withnature, can induce in us a sense of harmony of the spheres that bring us a sense of joy and well-being.

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