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Healing the Divided Self: Exploring Biodanza as a Humanistic Path to Mental Health and Well-being

Claudio Henrique Falcao Gomes
Date: 2023

The pursuit of mental health and well-being is a deeply personal and complex journey,
one that often encompasses a variety of therapies and approaches to healing. In this
monograph, "Healing the Divided Self: Exploring Biodanza as a Humanistic Path to
Mental Health and Well-being," I share my unique perspective and experiences in
seeking mental health through various treatment modalities, ultimately discovering the
profound impact of Biodanza on my life.
My personal journey towards healing began with a long-standing battle with Complex
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD), which led me to explore numerous therapeutic
approaches over the years. From alternative medicine to conventional mainstream
methods, through to Biodanza, I immersed myself in a variety of treatments in search of
lasting relief. While some provided temporary respite, it was upon my return to Biodanza
in 2011, after a nine-year hiatus, that I became fully aware of the transformative shift
Biodanza provided me in my overall health.
In order to fully appreciate the unique qualities of Biodanza, I embarked on a
comprehensive exploration of mainstream therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy
(CBT), psychoanalysis, and antidepressants. This investigation led me to delve into the
philosophical foundations of modern medicine and contrast them with the humanistic
principles of Biodanza. As a result, I developed a deeper understanding of the different
approaches to mental health and well-being, allowing me to better articulate the
distinctiveness of Biodanza.
In this monograph, I strive to strike a balance between the academic rigor of research
and the personal, introspective nature of my experiences. Although the initial chapters
focus on the historical and philosophical context of conventional medicine and mental
health treatments, my personal journey with Biodanza remains the cornerstone of the
narrative. My aim is to engage readers, whether they are Biodanza educators and
enthusiasts, or the general public, in a discussion about the benefits and limitations of
conventional therapies, as well as the unique aspects of Biodanza.

It's worth mentioning that I don't aim to present Biodanza as a universal solution, or
perpetuate the idea that it's solely based on esoteric concepts and therefore biased and
lacking scientific rigor. Instead, I want to share my personal viewpoint on how Biodanza,
when combined with other therapeutic methods, has greatly influenced my mental
health and overall well-being. Through an honest and unbiased account of my
experiences, I hope to encourage a better comprehension and recognition of Biodanza as
a distinct and beneficial approach to mental health and well-being.
This monograph serves as a testament to the power of Biodanza as a humanistic path to
healing and the potential it holds for promoting mental health and well-being. Through a
blend of academic investigation and personal reflection, I invite readers to join me on a
journey of discovery and healing, exploring the untapped potential of Biodanza as a
transformative force in our lives.

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