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Los efectos de un programa motor basado en la biodanza enrelación con parámetros de inteligencia emocional en mujeres

Author:Manuel Tomás Abad Robles, Estefanía Castillo Viera, Ana Celia Orizia Pérez
Date: 2014

This study analyzed the effects of regular practice of biodanza in
the level of perceived emotional intelligence (IEP), in its dimensions of perception,
understanding and emotional regulation, in 35 women of middle
age of a medium-humble socioeconomic level. To this end we applied the
TMMS-24 questionnaire. Biodanza program focused on emotions and basic
lines of experience. The obtained results show a statistically significant
increase in levels of IEP of the women in the experimental group, with
respect to the control group, after the application of the motor based on the
dance program, demonstrating higher values in the dimension of understanding
of emotions.

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