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The Complementary Aspects of Biodanza and the 12 Step Program

Author: Jazmin Lj Tassell

Dearest Reader 

WELCOME! Welcome to my monograph!  Thank you for being here. In every sense. Here to read this. Here participating in Biodanza, being an extraordinary caring human. Here, alive on this magnificent planet at such a pivotal point of human existence.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Jazmin LJ (standing for loves joy) Tassell and I have been participating in, studying, training and under supervision for the last six years to become a Biodanza facilitator.

This has been no small deal for me- I sold my business, left my friends, family and community to drive across Australia to begin my training. While I say it was no small thing it felt easy. Easy as in the way of this great quote by William Hutchinson Murray -

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favour all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamt would have come his way. “

I have learned a deep respect for one of Goethe's couplets:
“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it!”

It occurred as easy in the way that once I set my eyes, my heart, on this vision it seemed as the world around me opened a very clear path and all I had to do was take the next step. Is this providence? Alignment with life? Fate? Intuition? God? All of the above? This approach is similar to the way I came to be 10 years (11/3/2009) sober and clean from all mind and mood altering substances (one day at a time) after 25 years of not being able to stay stopped.

My personal experience motivates my intention in this monograph for an intimate sharing of my journey of Biodanza described through a parallel commentary of the 12 Step program and their profoundly complementary benefits. I present this writing through my experience, strength and hope. This is the format for sharing in the 12 Step program “…what it was like, what happened and what is it like now. My aim has been  to write in a form and language that is engaging; easily understood, personally integrative, insightful, inspiring and moving to the reader. Moving in a way that inspires positive, life affirming action- whatever that may be.

The chapters are titled as the 12 principles of the 12 Steps which are the fundamental spiritual values and for me have become a cornerstone of the foundation for my daily attitude and practice.

I have also included inspiring and/or moving quotes from the 12 Step programs, the creator of Biodanza Rolando Toro Araneda, other philosophical writings and poetry that have personally touched and moved me. I have provided a brief introduction of Rolando Toro Arenada, the creation of Biodanza and the methodology.

I originally wrote “an unprofessional opinion” in the sub-title. Not to diminish my own years of training and experience but to dispel the hierarchy that we inherit as humans.  The 12 Traditions are the framework for how the 12 Step programs are run and they state; “there is but one ultimate authority, a loving god our leaders are but trusted servants.” and “…the 12 Step fellowships should remain forever nonprofessional... “

My intention is to share without reservation my love and passion and care for us as humans in a sometimes seemingly chaotic large rock spiralling through space. My commitment and vision is to  live in connection in moment by moment deep existential experience of sacredness, personally and globally with a diminished experience of fear, separation and destruction. While this is my current vision and version I propose to be no ultimate authority, as I believe when we surrender our fear and control we all become the instrument of life, the expression of the numinous.

 As we align with the intention of “care of life”-through whichever methodology or practice-we all have a profound contribution to make to the evolution of not just ourselves but our entire planet. Our effect collectively is monumental. We all have the capacity to continue to grow and evolve and even when we think or feel we are not growing this is no less part of life.

My undertaking is driven by my personal gratitude that these systems, pathways and modalities even exist. My desire is to share my gratitude with the motivation that this may give access to any who read this to be present to the life affirming gifts that existence brings to us. I am deeply touched that life brought these gifts to me. To be brought to equilibrium in a beautiful understanding of my own humanity within this miraculous cosmos, with a realistic perspective of my assets, abilities and liabilities. To continue to enhance my ability to nurture and care for myself and the rest of the world and has affirmed and given me intricately, complementary, transformational, fun and easy access to assist in developing my potentials and capacities.

I suspect if you are reading this you already have your own understanding, care and cosmology of life and how we can continue to grow, develop and evolve. My hope/ dream/ desire/ intention is that you may recognize yourself within these pages and look for the similarities of our humanity. To share the triumph- for me, for all of us, over our unhelpful fears and behaviors, as even though we can have moments of feeling lonely or isolated, none of us exists without each other

An additional intention is that this communication is accessible for all who are affected by addiction or work in the field of recovery from addiction as this is one of my life goals and primary purposes. Biodanza and the 12 Step program have provided me an intensely comprehensive system, framework, community  and  language (both verbal and non-cognitive) to heal, connect, align, re-orientate and integrate my whole being, especially in the light of the recovery and restoration of my natural instincts from 25 years of addiction to drugs, alcohol, food, relationships, status and sex.

I wish to share this with anyone who is interested and if I can make the pathway clearer, softer, or even more joyful for any fellow recovering addict I am satisfied. As it states in one of the 12 Step texts “…the therapeutic value of one addict helping another is without parallel.” I am expanding this to say…”the therapeutic value of one human helping another is without parallel

So while it is my pathway I'm describing and navigating here, may you see the parallel or walk through the commentary of your own life's journey and these words become a celebration for all of us, for the capacity and tenacity of our spirit, the power of connection, care and love and a testimony to the wonder and force that animates us all.. To inspire us all to move toward that which is existentially delicious, to take the next indicated loving kind action, to keep loving, building our communities and global connectivity, to keep evolving our miraculous beings to ever deepening and profound connection so that all of life may benefit.

My final proposal is that this document spreads the word of these two gifts to humanity. To assist in developing the conversations and relationships of how these two comprehensive world-wide modalities can find their interfaces and become overtly complimentary. To highlight and emphasize each system and programs’ gifts and benefits to create further integration for the holistic healing, wellbeing and evolutionary developmental advantage of the whole of humanity.
The benefits for participants in Biodanza who require another level of therapeutic support and connection are boundless, especially given the range of groups and applications for the 12 Steps in addressing substance, behavioural and emotional dependencies
For those in 12 Step programs the tangible care of the affective re-education, restoration of the sacredness of all life and the experiential nature of Biodanza is almost indescribable given their profound integrative yet non-cognitive dimensions but I will do my best. As Margarita Karger writes “…a cognitive approach of Biodanza is not possible. You will find the true meaning by living it, only.”

I invite you to listen with your heart.

to ALL beings, past present & future

this is for you..

my absolute love & gratitude

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