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The limits of Biodanza

Author: Marcus Stueck
Date: 2023

This article is about the question whether Biodanza, can incorporate the way of working of Online Biodanza into its concept or not? Online Biodanza was introduced during theCOVID-19 period, because as a result of the lockdown, it was forbidden for people to meet, e.g. in Biodanza classes. After the end of the COVID-19 period, Online Biodanzawas continued by some Biodanza teachers worldwide. From the point of view of this article, this is the limit of Biodanza, because the online version of Biodanza does not take into account certain requirements that the Theoretical Model of Biodanza specifies (e.g.,sensory reduction, time shift in the vivencia, lack of possibility to do certain exercises). Inaddition, some aspects do not go along with the visions of the founder Rolando Toro (e.g.regarding the political function of Biodanza teachers and regarding the omnipotence oftechnologies in the coexistence of people). The scientific analysis in this article is basedon interview statements of Rolando Toro and other experienced Biodanza teachers. As aresult, it can be stated that for some application in the context of Biodanza, online media are beneficial (e.g. for study groups, for theoretical discussions). However, workingdirectly with Biodanza in weekly classes, in school modules, workshops and extents andapplications it not possible. There are simply too many necessary conditions missing for implementation. The analysis also explores the reasons why Biodanza teachers are notopen to these arguments and still continue to work online. Among other things, the lackof self-reflection as components of autoregulation in the Theoretical Model and the lack of understanding of the visions of the founder of the method are pointed out here. The article summarises the risks of integrating Biodanza, Online Biodanza, without naming its contraindications, its limits. Biodanza, without these limits, destroys itself or loses its effectiveness. Biodanza-Online is at best as a digital encounter with elements of Biodanza,b ut it is not Biodanza.

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