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The Poetry of the Encounter following the red thread of tenderness that grants presence in presence

Author: Heleen Meyer Fourie

This dissertation hopes to follow the little red thread of fate into the concept of “encounter with tenderness” in Biodanza. The aim is to unravel this statement by Rolando Toro de Araneda duringan interview in 2002: “I thought of Biodanza as the poetry of the human encounter; as a differentway of relating in an extremely solitary world in which people are deprived of love and what weneed most in life is tenderness”I use the metaphor of the little red thread of fate deliberately. It is an Eastern Myth in which the Gods tie the ankles together of those who are destined to meet with a red thread. Rolando’s statement touches on a myriad of things and a little red thread determined how the dissertation unfolded. I departed on journey by referencing the “zeitgeist” in which Biodanza was incubated and exploring the bio-psycho-social experience human organisms has within the context of encounters. I looked at how this is supported by scientific research on the fact that encountersare essential for a healthy nervous system. Enunciations in Biodanza and their role in creating presence and enabling transformative encounters lead me to observations on the subtext of what Rolando Toro said when he used the metaphor of the poem to describe an encounter. I follow with an exploration of the resonance between the aim of well-being in Positive Psychology and the growth experienced through encounters in Biodanza. A question arose: “Could we capture, chart and reference through the values in action of Biodanzers through Positive Psychology tools and relate this back to a Biocentric worldview? As a result I include a small research study. The red thread of fate continues through the circle of poetry and narrated experiences. I will draw on my poetry and words and stories shared by some of my fellow Biodanzeros here is Australia. At the end of the dissertation I tie all the little red strings into a bow that brings us back to the understanding of the strength of Rolando’s insights. The poetry of the encounter where tenderness grants presence through presence is the missing link. If we embrace this we could grow in our experience of the deepest layer of the human unconscious. A layer Rolando called the “numinous unconscious”. The numinous unconscious defined by Rolando “generates love, poetry, perception of the marvellous and the courage to live”

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