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The Bionet Journal - Biocentric Sciences has been around since 2012. It is dedicated to disseminating the basics of biocentric sciences.

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Biocentric Sciences

What is biocentric sciences? Let‘s explain it by using the example of a horse. In classical sciences, the horse is studied without riding it. It is examined, analyzed, assessed, from the inside and the outside. In the biocentric sciences we examine the horse from both the inside and outside and additionally we ride the horse. We experience it. This means that the experience is part of the scientific methods, just like the classical scientific methods: the experiment, the qualitative and the quasi-experimental research methods. The artificial separation between subject and object can no longer be maintained, because it has finally shown that it leads to the separation of humans from nature. We need a complete science approach (Stueck, 2023, Relative Biocentric Health Theory).

In the biocentric sciences we go from the darkness of security into the light of insecurity (Mariella, cited in Stueck, 2023, relative biocentric Health Theory).
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