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BIONET - Biocentric Network

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"The moment is the only place where life exists."

BIONET is the networking of a "Biocentric Science approach" in four areas.


Bionet Database for Biodanza


Bionet Journal "Biocentric Sciences"


International Biocentric Research Academy (IBRA)


Trainings, Extensions & Conferences

Theoretical Background - Antecedentes teóricos

Theoretical Model & Biocentric Principle by Rolando Toro

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Basics of BIONET and the biocentric Sciences

  • Penguin & Polar Bear

    Here you can find the Pengiun & Polar Bear Paradigm. This is the base of BIONET. Complete Sciences

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    Videos - Biodanza research

    Here you can find some Videos about Biodanza and Biocentric Sciences.

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  • BIONET History

    Here you can download a conclusion of the BIONET history since 2012.

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    Biodanza, sciences and research in Social Media

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