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International Biocentric Research Academy (IBRA)

IBRA is a virtual institution and network of researchers who research and publish on biocentric topics. In doing so, they support each other and think beyond their disciplines & methods (complete science).

International Biocentric Research Academy

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Basics of BIONET
Conceptos básicos de BIONET

Penguin & Polar Bear

Pingüino y oso polar

Here you can find the Pengiun & Polar Bear Paradigm. This is the base of BIONET.

Aquí se encuentra el Paradigma Pengiun y Oso Polar. Esta es la base de BIONET.
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Videos - Biodanza research

Vídeos - investigación en Biodanza

Here you can find some Videos about Biodanza and Biocentric Sciences.

Aquí puede encontrar algunos vídeos sobre Biodanza y Ciencias Biocéntricas.
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BIONET Activities

Actividades de BIONET

Here you can download a conclusion of the biodanza related scientific work.

Aquí puede descargar una conclusión del trabajo científico relacionado con la biodanza.
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